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We’re Urban Choice, with a passion for animals and science. We not only understand the needs of the average housepet, but through intensive R&D and some of the best nutritionists and scientists, we have developed a true understanding of the needs of the Urban living pet and are proud to see our products on your shelves.


The journey to Urban

Finding the right formula didn’t happen overnight. It started with the understanding that just like us humans, the city pet is bred differently. Armed with the best team of scientists and nutritionists, we set out on the journey of years of research that has gone into our winning formula. Urban Choice has been carefully designed to help overcome the issues facing modern city pets from digestion, to anxiety, to the health of their urban paws, and all what comes in between.

Discover the difference

Our hero ingredients include stress-reducing Passiflora and dried Anthemis Nobilis, paw protecting Zinc, and a careful balance of fat and carbs help combat obesity.

The end result is a well crafted formula that really meets the nutritional needs of your city pet, giving you peace of mind knowing that your pet’s needs are addressed, allowing you to take care of the loving!קומפוזיציה-אודות-6.png

Social responsibility

We are dedicated to providing animals with high quality nutrition and to improving their livelihood. Through this passion, we are able to express our feeling of social responsibility and compassion. As part of this passion, we regularly contribute to organizations which help homeless cats and dogs, and to the people who devote their time to taking care of the urban stray pet population.

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